Her Fearful Symmetry 

If you’ve read The Time Traveler’s Wife then you’ve probably heard of Audrey Niffenegger. Her Fearful Symmetry is Audrey’s second book and no, its not like her first. For one thing, it has ghosts. Yes it does. Not the spooky kind that gives you goosebumps but the friendly ones that play scrabble with you on the Ouija.

But Her Fearful Symmetry is not just about ghosts. And that is what makes it different. It is about human relations, about how they are perceived in different points of life, about how you fight to get back what is yours and about love. And it is in this perception of human relations that it is similar to The Time Traveler’s Wife.

I wouldn’t say it is an amazing read. But it is worth your time. And it can make you count the little blessings you have in the form of siblings.

On Better Halves

Dearest friend, How are you? 

Hope everything’s fine too.

And I want you to know

Something before I’d go,

That you’d be my best friend,

My confidante till the end.

And that it doesn’t matter,

That we are as mad as hatters.

 The fact that we bow before different idols.

Can’t sue my love, it wouldn’t bridle.

And the fact that your people are killing mine;

And mine, doing the same to yours along the line.

That one is setting trains on fire

The other putting men in pyre

Yet another raping the she’s

Never worrying about one another’s deeds.

I want you to know that you’ll be my soulmate,

And I don’t care at what rate.

Dearest friend, How are you?

Hope everything’s fine too!