New beginnings are often disguised as painful endings ~ Lao Tzu

What can I say about change? Hmm… Nope, I can’t think of anything expect that I frigging hate it. Yes I do. I’m a big admirer of status quo.And trust me, I know a whole lot of my readers are too.

But as science has smartly put it, ‘change is inevitable’ (let’s avoid the physical change, chemical change bit for the time being!! 😛 ) And acceptance of change is hence inevitable. One fine morning you might find yourself in a new school, new college, new neighborhood, new relationship and what not. It might have succeeded something pretty amazing that you didn’t want to end. It might have caused you to leave behind something that meant the world to you. Or might simply not be the beginning that you envisioned. This is where Lao Tzu and his smart words come in.

 The ending that you’ve gone through was painful. I know it broke your hear to give up on something or someone that meant so much to you. And I know you despise this change. But, hang in there. You deserve something exciting every once in a while, irrespective of whether it is disguised as a painful ending. You deserve the growth that change offers. You totally deserve it.

So the next time you feel that a beginning has upturned your entire life and has resulted in sheer chaos, understand the beauty of the situation. The beauty of spontaneity. And finally, I know we can live through it. We are all one of a kind!! ❤ 


Hey, I am glad on receiving fifty followers on my blog. So this time I am going to post one of my Favourite quotes. And this one is by Nayyirah Waheed.

Whether with a lover or none, I reek of love. I stink of love.”

This is something for all the broken hearted souls. You must have placed so much of love and trust in a person and formed your daily routine to oscillate around a single soul. And all this love would have been overlooked and your heart trampled over. And you would have grieved over it so much that it pushed you into an abyss of depression and doubt. 

What I want you to remember is that love is never a bad thing. And ‘giving your all’ is never foolish or wrong. It is not your fault that your love turned out to be feirce and passionate, but the other person’s weakness that he couldn’t handle love with so much of fire. And that is why they choose to walk away.

You have to continue this way. Whether with people who accept your love or not.Because the world needs people like you. The kind of people who plans to love even after having their heart broken. The kind who reek and stink of love.