Her Fearful Symmetry 

If you’ve read The Time Traveler’s Wife then you’ve probably heard of Audrey Niffenegger. Her Fearful Symmetry is Audrey’s second book and no, its not like her first. For one thing, it has ghosts. Yes it does. Not the spooky kind that gives you goosebumps but the friendly ones that play scrabble with you on the Ouija.

But Her Fearful Symmetry is not just about ghosts. And that is what makes it different. It is about human relations, about how they are perceived in different points of life, about how you fight to get back what is yours and about love. And it is in this perception of human relations that it is similar to The Time Traveler’s Wife.

I wouldn’t say it is an amazing read. But it is worth your time. And it can make you count the little blessings you have in the form of siblings.


She looked down at her shimmering gown. It looked fine. Even pretty. Slowly, she adjusted the mask on her face. She wanted to feel like a princess from some fairytale but couldn’t. No, she wasn’t the innocent girl right out of stories. She was a freak who sold her body to earn money.

And then she looked over at him. He stood there wearing a mask but easily recognizable. Everyone knew him and women flocked around him hanging on his every word. Many would know her too. At least half the men in this room had cheated on wives and girlfriends to sleep with her. But the mask would do enough to conceal her identity. Nobody cared for her. For them, she was a faceless young body. 

She knew he had come towards her only after he touched her hands. And she knew he was planning a dance only after taking the first few steps. As she moved with him trying desperately to match his grace, she could feel the fire of all the eyes on her. Disappointed eyes, greedy eyes, lustful eyes. But all she cared for was the slight warmth of his touch on her shoulders and tiny waist. 

Oh, how she wished this would go on forever. How she wished this would be the happy ending were the two of them would live happily ever after. But it wouldn’t be. Tommorow, he would be presiding over some board meeting. And she would be back on her street trying to woo men into having sex with her. 

‘But, I shall have this dance!’


New beginnings are often disguised as painful endings ~ Lao Tzu

What can I say about change? Hmm… Nope, I can’t think of anything expect that I frigging hate it. Yes I do. I’m a big admirer of status quo.And trust me, I know a whole lot of my readers are too.

But as science has smartly put it, ‘change is inevitable’ (let’s avoid the physical change, chemical change bit for the time being!! 😛 ) And acceptance of change is hence inevitable. One fine morning you might find yourself in a new school, new college, new neighborhood, new relationship and what not. It might have succeeded something pretty amazing that you didn’t want to end. It might have caused you to leave behind something that meant the world to you. Or might simply not be the beginning that you envisioned. This is where Lao Tzu and his smart words come in.

 The ending that you’ve gone through was painful. I know it broke your hear to give up on something or someone that meant so much to you. And I know you despise this change. But, hang in there. You deserve something exciting every once in a while, irrespective of whether it is disguised as a painful ending. You deserve the growth that change offers. You totally deserve it.

So the next time you feel that a beginning has upturned your entire life and has resulted in sheer chaos, understand the beauty of the situation. The beauty of spontaneity. And finally, I know we can live through it. We are all one of a kind!! ❤ 

Dear Struggling Actress

Dear struggling actress,

This one is for you.

I know you’ve tried so much,

And its ended up in vain.

Your ethereal reverie is been replaced,

With feelings of suspect and doubt.

You have lost kith and kin for they say,

Acting is not part of a cultured clan.

You are on the verge of giving up,

But don’t, because I know your power.

Dreams don’t yeild so easily,

But I want you to keep trying

And to push your limits so much.

Then have a bit of faith as such;

Mixed with some wishful thinking.

For you are one of a kind, darling,

And you have this in your blood!

Pic Credits: Cincomom.com

Fall apart

Then I knew it,

The pain that spread through my bones;

Had originated in my heart.

It posed a threat as such,

To kill my soul and all its compassion,

To make me stone as if in art;

To cause my depths to crush and fall apart.

And then I chose the latter,

To fall apart amidst others;

So that the fallen pieces, reformed

Would give me more love, more compassion.

For love of this type

Is for my kind,

It is for the valiant.

Pic Credits: PicQuotes.net

Right out of the movies!

I looked at the sky. It was a bland shade of blue topped with some orange that was caving in from around the corners. He was nowhere around. As usual. Surprise surprise.

 I turned my head and turned it away soon enough as I spotted the tons of people hugging and kissing all around me. Well that was the thing about Valentines Day, wasn’t it? You hug and kiss and call each other cheeky names and revive your promise to love each other till the end.

Ryan (as always) wasn’t around. He wouldn’t come. Nope, he wasn’t late as in the Bollywood movies. He wasn’t going to spring out of somewhere wearing a tux and holding a bouquet. He wasn’t going to apologize for being late and give lame excuses. And I as custom went, would not talk to him for a long time until the flowers are offered. And then my anger would subside and we’d hug and kiss like the rest. Girls can’t deny flowers. Bollywood rule number one. Duh.

But it was a lot better this way. How he avoided Valentines Days and anniversaries. How he brought a smile to my face every time he called me by my full name. How he smirked and pulled a face at all the clichéd couples. How he never carried shopping bags. How he never commented on everything I wore; but if he liked it, you’d know it. How he fought with me and never apologized first. How he never planned on all the dates and parties we’d go for until we broke up or got married. Life didn’t have to be your Favourite movie. It just had to be flawed with a lot of love.

Pic Credit: Vecteezy