Dear Struggling Actress

Dear struggling actress,

This one is for you.

I know you’ve tried so much,

And its ended up in vain.

Your ethereal reverie is been replaced,

With feelings of suspect and doubt.

You have lost kith and kin for they say,

Acting is not part of a cultured clan.

You are on the verge of giving up,

But don’t, because I know your power.

Dreams don’t yeild so easily,

But I want you to keep trying

And to push your limits so much.

Then have a bit of faith as such;

Mixed with some wishful thinking.

For you are one of a kind, darling,

And you have this in your blood!

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She stood at the edge of the basin, her eyes fixated on the mirror ahead. There was a slight tang as the cold droplets from the edge of the basin touched her belly, wetting it. She closed her eyes and opened them hoping that a new image would appear within the fathoms of the mirror. She wished she could conjure one. But no. Her plain face and plain features stared back at her with the same bewildered expression she held. 

 She thought of him. His handsome face almost looked as if it was etched out on canvas by some painter in an attempt to create a Greek God. And then his words….

Seriously Jenny, you look so…. Iam ashamed to say that we are in a relationship….

You’d better wear something good or you can be introduced as my maid at the party….

All my friends have got such hot girlfriends. How the hell did I end up with you?….

She looked at her reflection once again. It was the same girl who’d topped graduate school. The same girl who’d won prizes for her exceptional verses. The same girl who’d been preparing for her entrance exam to one of the most prestigious institutes in the country and had a big chance of getting in. Her lips curled into a smirk. A smirk of confidence. She looked at the mirror as if looking at a confidante and smiled at her. Then she spoke those words that had taken immense courage to come out. “Honey, Don’t let anyone say that you are not enough”

Pic Credits: thought gadgets