Fall apart

Then I knew it,

The pain that spread through my bones;

Had originated in my heart.

It posed a threat as such,

To kill my soul and all its compassion,

To make me stone as if in art;

To cause my depths to crush and fall apart.

And then I chose the latter,

To fall apart amidst others;

So that the fallen pieces, reformed

Would give me more love, more compassion.

For love of this type

Is for my kind,

It is for the valiant.

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She stood at the edge of the basin, her eyes fixated on the mirror ahead. There was a slight tang as the cold droplets from the edge of the basin touched her belly, wetting it. She closed her eyes and opened them hoping that a new image would appear within the fathoms of the mirror. She wished she could conjure one. But no. Her plain face and plain features stared back at her with the same bewildered expression she held. 

 She thought of him. His handsome face almost looked as if it was etched out on canvas by some painter in an attempt to create a Greek God. And then his words….

Seriously Jenny, you look so…. Iam ashamed to say that we are in a relationship….

You’d better wear something good or you can be introduced as my maid at the party….

All my friends have got such hot girlfriends. How the hell did I end up with you?….

She looked at her reflection once again. It was the same girl who’d topped graduate school. The same girl who’d won prizes for her exceptional verses. The same girl who’d been preparing for her entrance exam to one of the most prestigious institutes in the country and had a big chance of getting in. Her lips curled into a smirk. A smirk of confidence. She looked at the mirror as if looking at a confidante and smiled at her. Then she spoke those words that had taken immense courage to come out. “Honey, Don’t let anyone say that you are not enough”

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Love always finds a way back!

Let’s meet again,

And pretend it was chance.

On the opposite lane I’ll find you,

While browsing shop windows; 

We’ll look at each other in silence,

Amidst the soaring roar of traffic

Then with some dramatic air,

And a profound urgency,

I shall walk to you;

My eyes, poise still deep.

You shall extend your hand,

And me, shake it;

Deliver a ‘Hey’ or ‘Good Day’.

And keep shaking for a while,

Until the familiar warmth;

Starts bothering our hands.

Then we shall remain silent,

And won’t be bothered anymore;

‘Cause Honey, I’ve realised,

Silence speaks better.


Hey, I am glad on receiving fifty followers on my blog. So this time I am going to post one of my Favourite quotes. And this one is by Nayyirah Waheed.

Whether with a lover or none, I reek of love. I stink of love.”

This is something for all the broken hearted souls. You must have placed so much of love and trust in a person and formed your daily routine to oscillate around a single soul. And all this love would have been overlooked and your heart trampled over. And you would have grieved over it so much that it pushed you into an abyss of depression and doubt. 

What I want you to remember is that love is never a bad thing. And ‘giving your all’ is never foolish or wrong. It is not your fault that your love turned out to be feirce and passionate, but the other person’s weakness that he couldn’t handle love with so much of fire. And that is why they choose to walk away.

You have to continue this way. Whether with people who accept your love or not.Because the world needs people like you. The kind of people who plans to love even after having their heart broken. The kind who reek and stink of love.