Haven it is !! 

This is the post excerpt.

So here I am. All set to post my first story. That is the thing about thoughts and words. They strangle you so much that you are forced to express the former with the latter. Its almost an ache…. An ache to open up something that has been tormenting you, hurting you, making you fall in love, lust or even hate for that matter. Something that has been simply there all this time, but has now found a significant place in your insignificant thought haven. 
Words!! ❤

38 thoughts on “Haven it is !! 

      1. How can I?
        The message has already been received and is being processed. There is no turning back now. 😛

        Well, you have a choice now. What would you like to call me, a complete stranger, per say?

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      2. Yes, it is.
        And yes, you are trapped. 😛
        And there is no way out. 😀

        Elsa Sherry is such a nice name.
        Stranger is a common anagram. You have the power to name me, such a privilege, you see. 😛 #JustSaying

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      3. I couldn’t have dreamt of having this golden opportunity to be naming you. I’m so honored right now! 😝

        But on the other hand I’ve no idea whatsoever on naming you. So I’ll keep calling you a stranger. Trust me, you’re the only person I call that! 😊😛

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      4. That’s alright.

        I don’t enjoy being anonymous. I try to be anonymous, though some have managed to get to know my name. Way too emotional blackmail, I tell you. 😛
        Desperately is a heavy word. I might have to tell it. Because of course, your ealier 💞 message was well received. 😉 😛

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      5. Nice to meet you, Ashton Kutcher! Since this comment appears to be a personal chat I’ll stop now. But I am gonna read all your posts Ashton Kutcher! 😛 And I am gonna keep pissing you until you give me your name! Bye for now! 😈

        PS: 💞💞

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      6. Nice to meet you too, Elsa Sherry! 😀

        Lol, it’s alright by me. But your blog, so, your choice.
        Wow, thank you Elsa. It would definitely make my day.

        All I can say is you can try. I hope you don’t get disappointed. 😛

        Bye, Take Care. 🙂

        PS: Two in a row. Wow and my heart skipped a few beats. Are you binding me in your spell? 💞 💞 💞

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